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Wednesday 4th March 2015

PaddyPower Bingo PaddyPower Bingo

Internet bingo is such big business these days that just about every time there is an ad break during your favourite shows you will end up watching at least one bingo sites latest offering. The newest of these to hit our screens is the PaddyPower Bingo advert so we thought we would take a look and see how it compares to some of the favourites.

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The new PaddyPower Bingo advert is a bit of a mixed bag really, it is well made, well acted and informative but sadly not very memorable. As you will see below the advert shows a lady entering the house of her friend who looks like the stereotypical bored housewife doing her ironing. She then pulls her laptop out of her bag, logs into PaddyPower Bingo and starts gossiping away about all of her bingo buddies that have logged on. She tells her friend all abut PaddyPower Bingo's £20 free before walking off leaving her engrossed in the bingo.

The sad thing is about this PaddyPower Bingo advert is that it seems to forget that bingo has moved on. Internet bingo is no longer just the domain of wives stuck in the house getting on with their chores but is now a game enjoyed by people of both sexes from all walks of life. You would think a site with the experience of PaddyPower would realise this and produce something a bit more modern that would appeal to everyone when it comes to online bingo adverts.

If we look at the really successful bingo adverts such as Foxy Bingo's or even the now sadly banned Tombola Bingo adverts we can see that they need a catchy tune, something that as soon as you hear it you think of that site. Add to this a good dose of humour and a catchy slogan and you are guaranteed to bring in new players; Sadly PaddyPower Bingo has missed the mark on all counts despite offering free bingo.

Written by Lee Ashbourne

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