Bingo Roulette at Tombola

Monday 30th March 2015

One internet bingo site its constantly changing and adding new games to their already jam packed choice of games available and news today is about the launch of Bingo Roulette at Tombola. This site has some of the best bingo side games available online today and recent introductions have include RollerCoaster and Bandit. Bingo Roulette is sure to raise much interest amongst the Tombola Bingo members.

Play Now

When you sign in to your account you will notice Bingo Roulette at Tombola  in the side menu; click the tab for it and you are taken to a new lobby offering you three different value rooms in which to play roulette at Tombola Bingo:-

  • Mirage – 10p – maximum 40p per game
  • Venetian – 25p – maximum £1 per game
  • Bellagio -50p – maximum £2 per game

When you enter a room to play Bingo Roulette at Tombola you will see four sets of chips, you can buy just one set or a maximum of 4 per game. When you choose a set of chips the computer will automatically put the chips in random places around the roulette board.  You also have the option to shuffle your chips as many times as you want before clicking purchase and this will move them around the board.

Bingo Roulette at Tombola

 Once the game begins the wheel will spin to begin the game of Bingo Roulette at Tombola. As the ball lands in the roulette wheel the marker will move around the board and if you have chips on the number these reduce the number required under the corresponding coloured chips. All players start Bingo Roulette at Tombola requiring 8 numbers to win.

Bingo Roulette at Tombola Bingo is yet another addictive game bought to you by one of the best internet bingo sites available online today!

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