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Wednesday 1st April 2015

Bingo Blitz
Bingo Blitz

When one of our team first reviewed the popular Facebook Bingo app, Bingo Blitz, it wasn’t a game that I had spent a lot of time playing and whilst I am used to pay to play bingo brands, the apps on Facebook were a complete novelty for me. I didn’t have any real clue about coins, credits, shadow cards, levels and team members or even about calling bingo hence why my first video on You Tube had a Bingo Blitz missed call on the number 65 that many people have commented on!

However since the review I have spent many a happy hour playing at Bingo Blitz (more than at any other of the free apps) and although by no means an expert, I have a better understanding of the game, the bonuses and all the nifty little features including the power ups. As with many things in life it’s a learning process.

One of the things that I do have an abundance of when it comes to Bingo Blitz is spare items in many of the cities! I know there are numerous groups on Facebook that offer swaps of spares but what I think we need is a place to post them and for this reason we now have a page called Bingo Blitz Spares available here at BallsUp.

On this dedicated page you will find my list of spares and as time goes on and as hopefully more people find the page you will be able to utilise the page for not only finding items to complete your collections but also potentially find new team mates!

Here's the offending clip with my faux pas:

Written by Nickie Shute


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