Bingo Blitz Spares

Bingo Blitz Spares

Bingo BlitzBingo Blitz Spares are the duplicate items you collect on shadow cards and by opening treasures chests playing Bingo Blitz. The more you play the popular Facebook Bingo app, the more spares you are likely to accumulate and whilst these may not be of any use to you, there are players out there who would really appreciate these items in order to complete their collections and be awarded more free daily credits by doing so.

Of course some of the Bingo Blitz spares are rarer than others; how many people have you seen in the London Room lately asking for either a Crown or an Eye whilst the Toronto Room seems to have people begging for the Moose or the Goose? Our Bingo Blitz spares page is available so that you can post comments about your spares and swap with players to a mutually beneficial outcome; who knows you might find that you can also increase the number of team mates that you have as well.

Posting your Bingo Blitz Spares List

Should you choose to use this page to share your spares with other readers then we ask that you include the following information in the comment box below:

  • Your Facebook name and a brief description of the picture on your profile
  • A list of the spares you have and if you have any specific requirements in order to complete a swap
  • If you do go on to swap/giveaway your spares that you update the list accordingly.

Requesting friends on Facebook using this page

We kindly request that people who request friends on Facebook because of this page include a personal message that states BallsUpBingo and then the spare that you are specifically looking for - this ensures that our users are aware of the nature of the friend request.

Bingo Blitz Spares Rules

  • If you choose to post your Facebook user name on this page you do so at your own risk and the acceptance of friends through Facebook is again at your own risk.
  • All comments posted are moderated before going live.
  • Should a swap not proceed this is between the two people who agreed to the swap and we will not be mediators between any people who use our Bingo Blitz spares page as a tool to complete their collections.

*Please also note that we are in no way associated with Bingo Blitz or the creators of the Facebook Bingo app.

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