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A move in October 2012 saw XBingo close its virtual bingo doors and re-open as BGO Bingo. It migrated all of its players over to BGO Bingo therefore the following XBingo review is for informational purposes only so won't be updated. All the play links on this page have been changed to BGO Bingo as this site replaced XBingo when it closed.

XBingo opened its virtual doors hot on the heels of Fancy Bingo, another recently launched internet bingo site from Mandalay Media. Other sites behind this name include Costa Bingo, City Bingo and Sing Bingo, which are all powered by the 888/Dragonfish software. However, don’t be fooled into thinking XBingo is anything like these brands because it isn’t. The decision to beta test the unique software using players from Facebook means that XBingo has ironed out any issues that players may have been unhappy with before the site was officially launched.

There is clever use of animation at XBingo that brings a different feel to that of many other online bingo sites and the Out of This World/Sci-Fi theme is one that will appeal to players of both genders. You have a set of options at XBingo in the bingo rooms that you can change to suit you when playing bingo, such as the colour and style of your dabber and Chat Room preferences at XBingo.

Bingo Site Reviewed XBingo
Reviewed by Sadie Walton on the 26/04/2014
Summary XBingo Site Review
4 out of 5 (4 out of 5)
Format UK Vendor75 Ball Bingo available90 Ball Bingo availableNo Download Required

XBingo has also recognised the growing popularity of social media and integrated much of this into the features of this internet bingo site. The ability for XBingo players to make use of avatars which will then be displayed if you feature on the winner’s board, is just one of many features at XBingo. You can also invite your friends to join at XBingo by simply clicking on the ‘invite friends’ button in the bingo room and sending them an email or a link. But we have to remember, XBingo is still only in its infancy and there could be many more exciting things to come.

Registration at XBingo is an easy process, just simply fill out the straight forward form then you will be able to explore what this internet bingo site has to offer. There is also a 200% first deposit bonus for new XBingo online bingo players on a deposit as little as £10, followed by a further 50% bonus on subsequent deposits. You can use all major debit/credit cards to fund your account or paypal is accepted as an alternative at XBingo.

Sign Up Bonus Check the Mandalay Media Bingo Bonus page for details
First Deposit Bonus As above
Other Deposit Bonus 50% bonus on all subsequent deposits of £10 and above
Deposit Options Major debit/credit cards accepted, as well as Paypal

Player Reviews of XBingo

Player Review of XBingo Submitted by sapphysmum

  • Game Play Rating for XBingo: 1
  • Graphics Rating for XBingo: 1
  • Deposit Bonus Rating for XBingo: 0
  • Overall Rating for XBingo: 0

This site is terrible, the XBingo games are ok but chat games non existent and the chat hosts are ignorant. The responses are slow from the XBingo customer support and withdrawals are left on site for 3 days so you can reverse wait around a week for withdrawals and even longer as XBingo request photographic identification pictures of bank card and copys of utility bills for withdrawals as low as £20 - anything to stop you actually making a withdrawal of any kind and when you do send these the response is days, XBingo its a rediculous site and a con.

BallsUp Bingo Response

Whilst we understand your frustration we urge all players to check the full terms and conditions regarding withdrawals on any online bingo site when they first sign up. On the rules pages on XBingo it states that once you have made a withdrawal request it will be processed in three business days and to make sure the right person receives the withdrawals that may ask to see identification to confirm your identity and ownership of the credit/debit card. All the rules regarding the withdrawal process at XBingo are available to view on the rule page at this online bingo site.

Player Review of XBingo Submitted by Sam25

  • Game Play Rating for XBingo: 2
  • Graphics Rating for XBingo: 2
  • Deposit Bonus Rating for XBingo: 3
  • Overall Rating for XBingo: 1

XBingo is probably the worst bingo site of all time. Im surprised to see this site advertising on ITV1 as its that poor. I joined because I saw the ITV1 ad. Alarm bells rung to begin with as there was no live support at XBingo but I gave them the benefit of the doubt. I was disappointed to see no chat games at all.

The rooms at XBingo were also VERY tight (such as late at night in the "true blue" room, 100+ players, 5p a card, but overall jackpot was lucky to be more than £5). I used to be quite a high roller when I played at XBingo. In a few days I deposited around the £2000 mark..... not to play bingo however... but instead the slots and blackjack which were fairly tight.

I hit a run of very good luck at XBingo and won £3250 (£1250 profit) and cashed out. The very bad news is they leave your withdrawal as pending and reversible for a very mean 5 working days. The fact is XBingo do that in the hope you reverse and lose it (a tactic used by many bingo sites/casinos for years now... bottom line is if some can pay you in 2 days, then its rubbish using the excuse "for security reasons"). 3 days on and I have a request for identification. I send it in. 3 or 4 days later when its past the 5 working day pending time and the XBingo withdrawal still not processed and no email to confirm XBingo have my ID. I emailed XBingo to ask whats going on.

A week later no reply still from XBingo. But in that time they were still sending me a lot of promo emails for bonuses and games. The waiting got too much and I reversed and lost all my money. I then decided to terminate my account and 4 days later XBingo finally got back to me which means if I hadnt slipped up and fallen for their tactic it would of taken further time to be paid (over 2 weeks in total). Since then I have quit gambling completely. If a site widely advertised on tv acts like this then I simply cant trust any online gambling website anymore. Support are very slow to get back to you, payouts are the slowest I have seen at any bingo site, games are not too great. Avoid XBingo!!! you will regret it otherwise!!

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Other XBingo Information

Bingo Games

There are currently three main 90 ball bingo rooms and one 75 ball bingo available at XBingo. Cards for 90 ball bingo start at 5p each, as do cards for 75 ball. However, the XBingo games section on the main page states that cards start at 10p but upon playing there were many games with cards at the lower cost of 5p each at XBingo.

There is also another category of bingo rooms under the Xtra Bingo tab. There are four rooms in this section at XBingo, but one of them is still in the pipeline and not yet open. One room features Speed Bingo, for those players who like a fast and furious game. There are two other rooms offering guaranteed jackpots at XBingo every hour, one of £25 for 2p per ticket and one of £50 for 5p per ticket.

Free Bingo

At XBingo you will see that there are four free bingo rooms to play in. One room is exclusive to new players only and another is for first depositors. A further room is available to those online bingo players who have deposited with 14 days to their accounts at XBingo and another room that is available to those who have made more than one deposit.


The promotions on offer at XBingo are very impressive. Featuring the regular deposit bonuses, daily free game where you can win up to £2.50 in cash is also available to funded players at XBingo.

The Out of this World promotion at XBingo is one that many players will find attractive. This is a monthly promotion that has so far offered family holidays to Dubai and tickets to see Rihanna live in London in December.

Other Games

There are a multitude of slot game to play at XBingo, most of which are 5 lines slots as well and casino style table games. Most games can be played without navigating away from your bingo game so you can fill in the breaks between bingo games at XBingo if you wish.

XBingo Screen Shots

75 Ball Bingo

90 Ball Bingo

XBingo - 75 ball games XBingo - 90 ball

XBingo - Game In Play

If you would like to see a demo of a 90 ball bingo game in play at XBingo simply click the image below.

XBingo Support

Chat Hosts are always on hand to answer basic queries at XBingo. Alternatively you can contact support via email to support@xbingo.com or you can use the web form in the help section at XBingo.

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