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Tombola Bingo has a bit of an unusual history because originally they were the software provider for Sun Bingo. In 2008 though, they made the move to the Gamesys platform, which lead to Tombola going it alone and launching their own site. The good news is, because they are also the only site using this proprietary software, it means you will be able to enjoy a totally unique gaming experience; Something we rarely find these days.

The homepage itself looks great with a dark turquoise and black colour scheme, which will appeal to both male and female players alike. Before you register all you will see is a small selection of their games alongside a couple of banners advertising their welcome offers, and the fact that they give away over £5 million worth of prizes each week - a figure that really can't be ignored, especially when you consider this is a standalone site.

Luckily, signing up will only take a couple of minutes, and you won't experience any of those annoying problems associated with networked sites. Tombola Bingo will welcome you with £20 worth of free bonus money when you deposit £10, meaning you will have £30 in your account which can be used to get a feel for the place and everything is has to offer, which believe us is a lot. You can add funds to your account using any credit or debit cards or Paypal if you prefer to use a secure online method instead.

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Reviewed by Lee Ashbourne on the 06/09/2012
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Once you are registered and logged in, you will see there is so much more to the site. Tombola Bingo offers seven different version of the bingo game, and each one is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. No matter which one you choose, you will find a number of different rooms available to suit all budgets. They are always full regardless of what time of the day or night you visit, so you will always have people to chat to. The only thing that is missing really is a few chat games to keep you entertained during those spare few minutes between rounds.

Tombola Bingo does not offer the traditional slots and instant that you may be used to, but don't worry, the games they do have are so much more entertaining. They manage to combine cartoon graphics with exciting game play and big cash jackpots. Battleships for example is based on the game we all played as children: you have to drag and position your pieces and then fire missiles at your opponents for the chance to win up to £2,500.

If you are out and about, or the kids are using the computer to finish their homework, don't worry because Tombola Bingo also have a mobile service. All you need is a smart phone or tablet and an internet connection, and you will be able to enjoy all of your favourite games in the palm of your hand. You will find yourself playing against the same people for the same jackpots, and you can even enjoy a bit of banter with your friends.

Tombola Bingo is like a breath of fresh air. The games are fantastic, the prizes are impressive, and they have managed to build a great community thanks to their playmate scheme, which rewards you every time one of your friends signs up. They are constantly expanding their range to make sure there is always something new and exciting for you to try, and everything is backed up with some truly huge jackpots; What more could you possibly want?

Sign Up Bonus N/A
First Deposit Bonus £20 free when you deposit £10
Other Deposit Bonus N/A
Deposit Options Visa, MasterCard, Delta, Maestro, Switch, Visa Electron and PayPal

Player Reviews of Tombola Bingo

Submitted by player "Cagsywagsy" on 7th September 2008

I love the software at Tombola Bingo. I played for an hour this morning (6am) on the Bingo Lite game and the hour past so quickly, shame I had housework to do. At the time there was no chat host on duty at Tombola Bingo, just sleepy roomies.

Bingo Lite is the place for me to play. No more funding 10 pounds every half hour to keep up with the people that but the maxium tickets every game in hope of winning a game on other online sites.

The best part about Bingo Lite at Tombola Bingo is you too can max every game at the cost of just 40p. The jackpot of 100 pounds is won on call 46 numbers how fantastic is that. It was won while I was playing this morning, not bad for a 40p stake.

Oh I nearly forgot to mention the free scratch game too which adds to the fun. Tombola Bingo pay out 50 thousand a month just on this free daily game, cool stuff.

Submitted by player "FPC4Life" on 15th September 2011

Very informative and great help especially when playing bingo for the first time. Nice graphics, clear layout, easy to navigate round the site - great fun.

Ratings awarded by 'FPC4life'

  • Game Play at Tombola Bingo Rating: 4
  • Graphics at Tombola Bingo Rating: 4
  • Deposit Bonus at Tombola Bingo Rating: 3
  • Overall at Tombola Bingo Rating: 4

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Tombola Bingo Games

Game Options

Tombola Bingo home to some of the best and most imaginative games on the market. Not only do they offer traditional 75 ball and 90 ball bingo, but also their own interpretations; Bingo 50, Bingo 60 and Bingo Lite. All of their bingo games offer a number of different rooms to suit all budgets, and the more you wager, the larger the prize you can win.

In addition to this though, you will also find Tombola Bingo offers some fantastic side games. there is Cinco, Roulette, Hamster Race, Battleships, Rollercoaster and Bandit to name but a few. All of these games combine the excitement of instant games with the chance to win big cash prizes, all whilst enjoying a chat with your bingo buddies.

Free Bingo

Tombola Bingo does not offer any free bingo as such but they always have a free game for their depositing players. At the time of writing, this game is The Heist which involves you registering your mobile phone number. Each Monday they send you a six digit code via text message, and this can be used every day the following week to try and unlock the vault. Every player is guaranteed to be a winner, with prizes ranging between £5 bonus money and £1,000 cash.

Guaranteed Jackpots

Tombola Bingo do not offer special guaranteed jackpot games at certain times like a lot of sites do, but to be honest that is because they don't need to. Nearly all of their games give you the chance to win larger then average prizes, and the majority of them have community jackpots that keep on growing until they are won.


If you are looking to win cars and holidays then Tombola Bingo is not the site for you. If however you are looking for big cash jackpots, you have found the perfect place. The site regularly hosts what they call 'Big Win Weeks' that are spread over several nights and give you the chance to win a share of six figure prize pots. The great thing is they alter the games involved, so it does not matter which is your favourite, eventually they get around to you.

Tombola Bingo Screen Shots

75 Ball Bingo room

75 Ball Bingo room

Tombola Bingo - 75 ball bingo room Tombola Bingo - 80 ball bingo room

90 Ball Bingo room


Tombola Bingo - 90 ball bingo room
Tombola Bingo - Cinco

Tombola Bingo Game In Play

Should you wish to watch a demo video of a 90 ball bingo game in play at Tombola simply click the image below.

Tombola Bingo Support

  • Live Chat Email -
  • Telephone - 0800 29 888 73
  • Post - Tombola, Wylam Wharf, Low Street, Sunderland, Tyne & Wear, SR1 2JR.

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