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There is a growing number of options for playing games at the many online bingo sites available on the internet today, and one of the main features of bingo online is the social aspect. All of the online brands offer you the chance to interact with other players whilst you enjoy your favourite game as well as the chance to win substantial amounts of money. What we at BallsUpBingo work hard to provide are details of the best sites, the latest offers, promotions and news from the many brands available to choose from. Our bingo reviews have been written by a team of enthusiastic players who have both visited and participated amongst the games on the site, and not just rewritten marketing material sent out by the site in question. If an online bingo brand isn’t listed in our review section, then the chances are it isn’t worth visiting - but with the huge variety of bingo sites on offer, it's worth a gamble!

Ballsup! Bingo only ever publishes online bingo reviews from trusted operators. So you can be assured of a top level of customer service, a safe and secure experience plus fast payouts of your internet bingo winnings. Online Bingo Sites which offered us a poor service, were slow or in which we just got a bad feeling have not been reviewed and have not made it onto our bingo reviews page.

Our bingo reviews are all compiled by people who have a real passion for the internet bingo game and whilst we try to provide an objective look at any of the bingo sites that we provide a bingo review for you will find that the personality of the team member is apparent.

Writing any of the bingo reviews for our sites means that one member of our team will register and actually play at the internet bingo site in question. The bingo reviews will cover many different aspects of the bingo sites in question from any welcome bonus, bingo deposit bonuses and of course, the bingo games offered.

Our bingo site reviews are written in a set format; at the top of the review you will see coloured balls, these show what bingo games are on offer and whether the bingo site in question requires a download of bingo software or not.

The next section on our bingo reviews is a general summary of how we found the bingo site in question, this is followed by details of banking and bonuses at the bingo site.

Other information that can be found on our bingo reviews are details of the options available to customise your bingo game play. For example, does the bingo software allow for you to manually mark your bingo tickets, can you change the audio settings or have your cards set to show your best bingo card first.

We also provide screenshots in our bingo reviews, this helps you to identify easily if it is a bingo platform that you are familiar with or one you have yet to try.

As with anything here at BallsUp Bingo, your opinion counts and you may find that some of our bingo reviews also contain player reviews. These have been submitted by our users so not only are you able to read our opinion of the bingo site in question but you can also see how other players found the site.

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Bingo News

A Round up of Easter Jackpots

Sun Bingo
Sun Bingo

Everyone enjoys Easter for their own personal reasons. For some it's a long weekend off work and time to spend enjoying the nice weather and a few pints down the pub before making themselves sick on chocolate, whereas for others it is one of the most religiously significant dates on the calendar. For us though there is another reason, and that is the abundance of guaranteed jackpot games being run by some of our favourite sites!

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Tidy Bingo’s Tidy Tournaments

Tidy Bingo
Tidy Bingo

If there is one thing that can make a game of online bingo even better, it’s a good old fashioned tournament. Well, Tidy Bingo have more tournaments than you can shake a dabber at, all of which are sure to leave you with a little more than you were expecting from your favourite online game.

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Tasty Easter Promotions at Costa Bingo

Costa Bingo
Costa Bingo

Costa Bingo are going egg crazy in the run up to Easter, and to celebrate the return of everyone's favourite bunny, they have lined up a whole weeks worth of Happy Eggs games. The great news is, as long as you are one of their funded players you can join in the fun for free. This eggciting new promotion started yesterday, so unfortunately you have missed out on a chicken shaped egg basket, don't despair as there are plenty more egg themed prizes up for grabs!

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Bingo Tips

Bingo Needs You!

Boost Bingo
Boost Bingo

Bingo needs you! Did you know that whilst most other forms of gambling are taxed at 15%, bingo is subjected to a rate of Gross Profits Tax (GPT) of 20%, and this is despite the game being recognised as one of the softer forms of gambling. This may not seem like a big deal, but land based bingo clubs (unlike other retailers) also have to pay VAT on all of the goods they purchase, so it really is a doubly whammy.

Bingo Needs You!.

Rebel Bingo

Rebel Bingo
Rebel Bingo

The world of bingo is an exciting place as it never stands still for too long. If we go back ten years, it was a game predominantly for grannies, who would meet up at their local bingo halls, have a cuppa and generally put the world to rights. Over time online bingo became popular and people started enjoyed their favourite game in the comfort of their own homes. As technology has progressed though, we have seen more sites offering mobile version of their games which enables you to play from wherever you are so long as there is an internet connection.

Rebel Bingo.

Explosion in Mobile Bingo Popularity

Mobile Bingo
Mobile Bingo

Mobile bingo has been around for a lot longer then you probably realise, but in the early days, the games were simple java based affairs where you were essentially competing against the game to win a small prize. As advancements were made in mobile technology though, it gave operators the opportunity to improve their services. Unfortunately not many of them did, and for many years mobile bingo seemed to be in limbo, with even big brands such as Foxy Bingo making no real effort to promote it as a viable alternative to playing online.

Explosion in Mobile Bingo Popularity.

Play Online Bingo

Our top five online bingo reviews are listed to your right, but we can also highly recommend these bingo sites:

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Tombola BingoLittle Big Bingo Wink BingoBingo Godz

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Online Bingo has seen a rapid growth over the last 4/5 years and the industry offers internet bingo players a multitude of bingo sites to choose from. Each bingo site available today will offer a welcome package to its new members; this could be by way of a no deposit required bonus or a huge first deposit bonus at their internet bingo site. The choice of which site to play at can be a daunting one with so many different sites on offer.

Internet bingo sites uses 5 main bingo software providers although there are many more platforms around, the most popular platforms to date are that of Virtue Fusion, Parlay Entertainment, Globalcom/888Holdings, Microgaming and Cozy Games. Every platform offers different functionality and game play to their internet bingo players but each offers the automatic claim when bingo is called.

As well as offering a variety of software platforms online bingo also offers a wide variety of bingo games; many of which are not found in land based bingo halls. Dependant on the software platform used by the internet bingo site you will find 30 ball bingo, 80 ball bingo, 75 ball bingo and 90 ball bingo and a whole plethora of bingo sites.

Each individual online bingo site will also offer their own range of bingo promotions; these can range from bonus points right up to the chance of winning a brand new car or big guaranteed jackpot prizes. Many bingo sites also offer free bingo games so that you can play at your favourite Bingo Site without parting with your hard earned cash.

Read more about online bingo play in our Online Bingo Guide.

When it comes to online bingo the choice is really yours!